"Sick" Steve

Fast-Decaying Burger Slinger


“Sick” Steve is the proprietor of Sick Steve’s Burgers, a dive burger bar in Baltimore where Scott Jenkins is a regular. Steve has some sort of affliction causing him to look a bit deteriorated — he’s very prematurely balding in an uneven, patchy way; he has crusty, oozing scabs all over his skin, especially his scalp, and he has a boil on his neck.

Despite his unappetizing appearance, Steve’s Burgers is a gem, with some of the best burgers on the entire east coast.

Steve’s condition was much worse when the team returned. He was given $10,000 by Mustafa Lootah to shut the place down while they investigated what could be making him worse. The culprit was determined to be the new brand of stove gas, EverLit.


"Sick" Steve

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