Fighting in the Streets

Session 1: Under the Interstate

Baltimore, "The Flying Balls"

One afternoon in Baltimore, Oliver, Scott, and Mr. Lootah work out at the gym. Mustafa, wearing an Armani suit, trains with a personal trainer, Scott ineffectively works on his cyber-pecs, and Oliver lifts free weights with his clawed feet. They have no trouble recognizing each other as fighters.

They spot a cryptic flier near the entrance, and Oliver is able to decipher it, letting the others know that a pop-up arena will be appearing under the Interstate at 2am. Then and there, they decide to try to enter the underground tournament as a team, and dub themselves “The Flying Balls”. Mustafa wastes no time calling his assistant to have team jerseys made.

Scott suggests they go out for burgers, and takes the others to a dive burger bar called Sick Steve’s. Steve is a hamburger genius, if somewhat gruff. He is visibly decaying, but the fighters pay no mind. Oliver enjoys two hamburger buns and has the time of his life. Mustafa offers to foot the bill, but is informed that it’s cash only, leaving Scott to cover the tab. He’s quick to blame his assistant.

Later that night, with a new set of custom jerseys reading “Mustafa 1”, “Jenkins 63”, and just “Oliver”, they approach the arena. On the way, they’re harassed by a group of young hooligans on hoverboards. The hooligans seem ready to rob them, but Mustafa successfully intimidates them, and they run off, still hurling insults about “a bird and his cage”. The arena’s surroundings are full of mild criminal activity — bookies and drug dealers are everywhere, with kids running money and packages to and fro. A closer look reveals that most of the money is being funneled to one mysterious-looking man overseeing the whole situation from afar, but nobody seems to care about that.

They approach Robbie Robbinson, who seems to be in charge of booking the event. The headlining match is between Jackie Quace, a Miami police officer who’s been making a name for herself in the circuit, and a mysterious figure known as The Crusher. The bottom of the card is a match between The Ravens and The Harbingers, neither of whom have any sort of following.

Robbie tells them the card is full, and there isn’t a spot for them, but a greased palm courtesy of Mustafa makes him change his tune slightly, and he agrees to let them substitute if another team doesn’t show up.

They’re approached by Damen J Kroll, a greasy, abrasive man whose team, The Ravens, hasn’t shown up. He tells them he’s looking to recover his cost so that the whole event isn’t a loss, and asks them to fill in for The Ravens. The team agrees, successfully having gotten a foot in the underground circuit door.

One of the Harbingers, Siren, approaches to check them, out. She wishes them luck, but doesn’t seem overly friendly.

The match against the Harbingers, the first of the night, is much more exciting than expected, and the crowd takes notice. In the end, despite his team mates being KO’d, Oliver is able to deal the final blow against Harbinger Blade, sealing the victory.



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