Fighting in the Streets

Session 2: EverLit

Steve doesn't look too good...

Following their victory against The Harbingers, Damen J Kroll offers The Flying Balls his services as a manager, claiming connections to the underground circuit, at a fee of 50% of the winnings. The group eventually agrees to his terms.

As the tournament continues, the team spots The Harbingers talking to the well-dressed mysterious man who was previously noticed standing off in the distance. They approach, but the man is surrounded by guards, and they are unable to make contact. Siren manages to congratulate them on their victory, and lets them know that, while she thinks they’re all right, they aren’t welcome around the Harbingers.

The team returns to the crowd, while the ring announcer introduces the headlining match for the night — Jackie Quace vs The Crusher. Mustafa Lootah decides this is a great opportunity to gamble, and gets a quick read on the crowd to determine that, while Quace is the crowd favorite, The Crusher is favored to win. The team approaches the nearest bookie, and Lootah attempts to place $20,000 on Jackie Quace. The bookie can’t cover that kind of money, and directs the team to another guy, who leads them to the well-dressed mysterious man. This man, Fernando DeGaul, quickly interrogates Lootah, before agreeing to take the bet.

It turns out that Lootah doesn’t have the $20,000 in cash, so Oliver “Blue” Insomuch sends Blue the Heron to retrieve it, while Lootah gives his assistant Stacey orders to give the bird the cash. Meanwhile, Scott Jenkins tries to ameliorate the increasingly-impatient DeGaul by offering him a signed glossy of himself as a football star, and Oliver offers himself as collateral for the bet. DeGaul is unimpressed by these proceedings, and sadly, Blue doesn’t return with the money in time for the bet to be placed. During all this, Scott Jenkins manages to invite Siren to Sick Steve’s Bar and Grill, and she skeptically agrees.

Jackie Quace beats The Crusher, and the crowd begins to disperse. Damen J Kroll lets the team know he’s lined up a slot for them in a tournament in Los Angeles in three days, and asks if they want to be entered as “The Flying Balls”. The team decides to stick with the name for the time being.

The next day, the team heads over to Sick Steve’s Bar and Grill for lunch, only to find that “Sick” Steve has developed open sores on his arms, and is feeling particularly awful. Oliver sniffs around behind the bar, and notices a subtly wrong smell near the fryer. He determines it’s not the oil, but can’t figure out exactly what it is. He examines a surprisingly willing Steve, but can’t match the myriad symptoms to any particular malady.

The team decides to pay Steve $10,000 to shut down the restaurant until they can figure out what’s happening. Steve reveals to them that his restaurant supplier, SpoonCorp, recently switched the brand of gas they’re sending him from Kleen N’ Hot to EverLit, and then retires to the back room for a nap.

Lootah fixates on getting the restaurant up and running again, maybe with a series of electric grills, before realizing that Steve didn’t have any customers anyway. Scott calls SpoonCorp to set up a new gas delivery later that afternoon. Lootah has Stacey check on Kleen N’ Hot, and discovers that the brand went off the market quite suddenly about two weeks prior. She also tries to follow corporate trail for EverLit, but it’s a series of shell companies, and she can’t follow it to the top.

Siren shows up, following up on Scott’s invitation, and is confused by the empty bar. Scott shows her the gas, and she immediately identifies the EverLit logo as a variation on the Shadoloo logo. She quickly divulges some information to try to show the importance of this — her team, The Harbingers, is a Shadoloo team; and she is a double-agent, working to infiltrate Shadoloo through the circuit. She promises to kill them if word ever gets out.

The team sets up a plan to tail the delivery truck when it arrives, with Scott hanging on to the bottom of the truck, Blue the Heron following from the air, and Lootah, Oliver, and Siren following from Lootah’s Lexus Towncar, driven by Cliff. The truck leads them to a SpoonCorp shipping warehouse. When they arrive, Scott calls Lootah to let the rest of the team know he’s in, but his whispering is detected by a couple of warehouse workers. As a distraction, Oliver bangs on a garage door and quickly flies to the warehouse roof before it’s opened. Meanwhile, Lootah runs to the front of the building, where there’s a shoddy office. He poses as an FDA inspector, and is able to bluff his way into the warehouse with the warehouse manager’s consent. Oliver appears out from below a truck and poses as an assistant inspector, claiming that the truck checks out.

Lootah manages to get the manifests for all the EverLit shipments that have come in, and discovers that they all originate from Mriganka Limited in Peoria, Illinois.

Siren thanks them for the information, gives Oliver her phone number, and dashes off to let her superiors know about the plot the team has uncovered. She warns them to stay away from this until they hear from her. Satisfied, the team prepares to journey to Los Angeles.



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